Friday, August 4, 2023

Interview Tips for Better Job Hunting

Tips for Better Job Hunting
1. Research job opportunities:

· Identify your skills and interests for the type of job you’re looking for.
· Research the organization's website to see if they have the type of jobs you want.
· Find jobs by checking job vacancy and recruitment websites, government, council and industry organization websites, social media, professional and industry journals, and by going to career expos or promoting yourself at industry networking events.

2. Write or update your CV
· Tailor your CV to the jobs you’re applying for so employers can see you’ve got the right skills and experience for the role. 
· Include examples of your Education, internship, previous work experience, achievement details.

3. Write online Profiles
· Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to boost your public profile and highlight your skills.
· Set up a personal professional website for job seeking.

4. Apply for jobs
· Write a brilliant cover letter using our cover letter template.
· Show you're enthusiastic about the role by giving examples in the cover letter of how your skills and experience match the tasks and requirements listed in the job advert.
· Check if there’s an online application form to fill out.

5. Prepare for interviews
· Find out more about the organization online – its products, services and key people. 
· Reread the job description to prepare for questions you may be asked.

6. Prepare for tests
· Get prepared by practicing mock tests. Practice tests can be found online.

7. Attend interviews
· Be confident when answering interview questions and speak clearly.
·  Summarize your work and study experience and talk about your goals.
·  Explain how your personality, skills and experience make you ideal for the job.

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